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Introducing the Twelve Days of Eater: Gift Guide Ahoy!

Introducing the Twelve Days of Eater: Every day from here 'til the holiday (yep, including weekends. We're bad planners like that), we're pimping a locally-made, totally edible treat great for gifting to your favorite foodie. First up:

The Gift: Pizzelles from E. Burnside's Fiore Baking Company, which debuted in August of this year. The thin traditional Italian holiday cookie features five ingredients — flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and baking powder — spiced up with flavors like maple brown sugar, gingerbread, and blackberry vanilla.
The Recipient: The holiday party hostess; the Italian grandmother in your life. For lovers of lemon gelato, the lemon sugar cookies would make a killer ice cream sandwich.
Bag 'em: $8 for a package of 10, available at Zupan's and New Seasons, or by contacting Fiore Baking.

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