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Lake Oswego's Scratch Expanding Into Downtown Lunchery

Gabe Rucker isn't the only chef tapping the downtown lunch crowd mine. Patrick Lee Warner, the Iron Chef-bound owner of popular Lake Oswego fine-dining spot Scratch Foods, is also itching to move downtown: Warner's second project, a breakfast and lunch counter dubbed SCRATCH.cafeteria, is scheduled to make its debut in the Justice Center on SW 3rd in mid-January.

SCRATCH.cafeteria will feature basic breakfast selections (including an omelete station) in the AM. During the lunch hour, in addition to quick-service soups, salads, and sandwiches, rotating daily menu will feature comfort food favorites like "chicken pot pie, meat loaf, roast pork, [and] macaroni and cheese." Keep an eye out for the Scratch counter in a few weeks.
· Scratch Foods [Official site]


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Scratch Cafeteria

1136 SW 3rd, Portland OR