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Everett Street Bistro Closed During Apparent Landlord Dispute

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From the Twitterverse: Breakfast in Bridgetown reports that the Pearl's Everett Street Bistro, which was already embroiled in one legal dispute, has been forcibly closed by its landlord.

According to a note posted on the door addressed to Everett Street Bistro, LLC: "You are notified that your right to possession of the premises is hereby terminated. This termination is the result of multiple defaults in the lease. Landlord hereby claims a lien on all property on the premises..." Though not an official shutter (yet), things certainly aren't looking good. Unsurprisingly, the phone's gone unanswered; got a tip? Give 'em here.
· Everett Street Bistro [Official site]

Image of Everett Street Bistro courtesy Jen K. via Yelp

Everett Street Bistro

1140 NW Everett St., Portland, OR

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