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Twelve Days of Eater: Whiskey Tea by Steven Smith Teamaker

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Every day from here 'til the holiday (yep, including weekends. We're bad planners like that), we're pimping a locally-made, totally edible treat great for gifting to your favorite foodie.

The Gift: Local tea impresario Steven Smith brews up a special Whiskey Barrel blend, featuring black tea aged in a Rogue whiskey barrel (think the taste of warm whiskey, without the burn). And for unique-gifting purposes, you can claim total PDX exclusivity: the limited brew's only available from the Smith tasting room in NW.
The Recipient: Dudes who are self-conscious tea-lovers; people straight outta AA; boozehounds.
Bag 'em: $10 for a box of 10 on-ounce teabags, available on on-site at the Smith Teaworks.

Smith Teaworks

1626 NW Thurman St. Portland, OR