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Twelve Days of Eater: Little Pots & Pans' Tarts

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Every day from here 'til the holiday, we're pimping a locally-made, totally edible treat great for gifting to your favorite foodie. Up today: The best gourmet bet to convert your "non-foodie" friends.

The Gift: So they're not exactly "tarts" (kinda more like pasties or hand-pies, right?), but Little Pots & Pans' flaky tart/pie/things are an epicurious step-up from the more familiar Hot Pocket "usual convenience foods," packaged in a familiar size and shape for those resistant to your evil gourmet-pushing, foodie ways.
The Recipient: Your college-aged little brother; microwave mavens; on-the-go eaters; anyone on your list who legitimately enjoys eating Hot Pockets.
Bag 'em: At Portland-area retailers or online at, where they go for $14/package of three.