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Speculation Time: What's Going in Everett St. Bistro Space?

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Today in the land of dueling rumors: According to several reports, the on-lien Everett Street Bistro appears to be closed permanently (quick eulogy alert: the spot, which opened in 2007, was the sister restaurant of Cannon Beach's Gower Street Bistro... which shuttered in mid-2009). So what's going in its foot-traffic-friendly space?

FoodDude reports that a second location of N. Williams' Eat: Oyster Bar will take over the space. But a tipster writes in to Eater that the bistro formerly known as Everett will reopen as a Mediterranean spot from the same owner of Tigard's Shiraz Restaurant. Hrm...
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Image of Everett Street courtesy Schemata Workshop

Everett Street Bistro

1140 NW Everett St., Portland, OR