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Twelve Days of Eater: The Country Cat's Jerky Goodness

Every day from here 'til the holiday, we're pimping a locally-made, totally edible treat great for gifting to your favorite foodie. Up today: Meat, madam. Meat.

The Gift: The Country Cat's overall champ Adam Sappington is well-known for serving up his meaty goodness whole-hog style (innuendo alert!), and for those looking to share Portland's lardcore finest to-go, Sappington's spicy, chewy, house-cured beef jerky should do the trick.
The Recipient: Lardcores; fans of meat candy. (In other words, the average Portlander).
Bag 'em: $5 per quarter pound, only at the Country Cat.

Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar

7937 SE Stark Street, Portland, OR 97215 Visit Website

The Country Cat

7937 SE Stark St., Portland OR

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