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India Chaat House for Sale?; Fresh Fish Cart; Everett/Shiraz Rumor Confirmed!

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In today's EaterWire, two bits of cart news and a partridge in a pear tree.

DOWNTOWN: According to the Craigslist, downtown food cart Indian Chaat House, one of the parties involved in what's possibly the best food cart war ever, is up for sale. Phone calls went unanswered as of press time; let's hope this isn't a punking from frenemy Bombay Chaat House.

SOUTHEAST: The Utah-based Flying Fish Company, which sells (uncooked) fresh catch to take-home and prep yourself, has opened a Portland location... in a food-cart pod. The seafood stall has set up shop in SE Division's D-Street Noshery: Is this PDX's first retail "food cart"?

PEARL DISTRICT: Nick Zukin writes in to confirm yesterday's published rumor that a second outpost of Tigard's Shiraz Mediterranean restaurant will occupy the former Everett Street Bistro space. Says the Zuke: "Couldn't find out if they've actually signed a lease, though."

D-Street Noshery

SE Division Street, Portland, OR