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Twelve Days of Eater: Gluten-Free Fun from Dessert Labs

Every day from here 'til the holiday, we're pimping a locally-made, totally edible treat great for gifting to your favorite foodie.

The Gift: Recurring food subscriptions (a steak a month!) are usually suspect, but Dessert Labs' weekly bakery box overflows with a rotating menu of all gluten-free goodies, usually including a loaf of bread, a half-dozen muffins, and a dozen cookies.
The Recipient: The poor, unfortunate soul on your list with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance (there's always one, right?); non-unfortunate fans of baked goods fare well, too.
Bag 'em: $22/week at the Dessert Labs kitchen; reserve your box at the official website.

Dessert Labs

1902 NW 24th Ave. Portland, OR

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