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Andrew Garrett Leaving Cafe Nell, Joining Mother's Bistro

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Cafe Nell chef Andrew Garrett is moving his cute ass on. Says Garrett exclusively to Eater: "I am out at Cafe Nell. My last day will be in mid-January." And where is Garrett off to? "I'm joining Lisa Schroeder in an Executive Sous chef role [at Mother's Bistro]. It's not really defined yet what my role will be exactly."

Garrett, who worked under Christopher Israel at 23Hoyt prior to taking the gig at Cafe Nell, says: "No one else in the city wanted to work with me or didn't have spots open at my skill level. I'm very excited to join Lisa and be apart of a Portland institution."

In other Garrett news, the hot chef says he will be hosting a group of people next fall harvest in Tuscany as a culinary guide through the region acting as a personal chef. "We will be staying 8 days in a villa outside of Seville, Italy— it's going to be amazing."
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Mother's Bistro & Bar

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Cafe Nell

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