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Inside Little Bird: These Booths Were Made for Flocking

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Photography by Allison Jones

That'll be the only bird pun. Promise. Little Bird's scheduled to take flight open next Wednesday (December 8), but Gabriel Rucker and Erik Van Kley, of Rucker's inventive (and accolade-collecting) Le Pigeon, are ready to show off their second project: The 50-seat downtown bistro shines with a (faux) pressed-tin ceiling, two-level dining area, and wall-sized mirrors backing those scarlet banquettes.

And some menu details have surfaced, as well (courtesy our best fremeny at Thrillist and the O): The restaurant, open from lunch until late-night (noon 'til midnight), offers upscale spins on sandwiches and salads for the midday meal (including the famous Le Pigeon burger, available here in unlimited quantities for $10), with entrees leaning toward French classics highlighting escargot, rabbit, and duck. To end the evening on a Proustian note, pastry chef Lauren Fortgang is offering up her take on the memory-inducing madeleine. Tres chic, no?
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Little Bird Bistro

215 Southwest 6th Avenue, , OR 97204 (503) 688-5952 Visit Website