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Today In Burger News: Lucy's Original, SBX's Spring Rolls

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ST. JOHNS: Willamette Week reports the Little Red Bike Cafe is back from the dead (it closed in mid-June). Except now it's a late-night cheeseburger truck that will go by the name "Lucy's Original." According to the article, when Evan Dohrmann and Ali Jepson roll out in their 1986 Chevrolet Step Van they'll be serving up “Jucy Lucy” cheeseburgers and old-fashioned milkshakes in St. Johns and beyond.

DOWNTOWN: Saucebox's newbie chef, Jason Neroni, continues to keep things interesting at the downtown Asian boite spot. Look at this little gem Neroni just added to the menu: the meaty "Cheeseburger Spring Roll" is stuffed with smoke cheddar and comes with kimchi ketchup and wasabi mayo. Yowza.

Image of Lucy's Original Van courtesy Little Red Bike Cafe


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