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NW Portland Getting its First-Ever (Super Fancy) Cart Pod?

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According to a detailed — and rather self-confident — ad on Craigslist, a property owner is scouting eight carts for what will be the first cart pod in the NW's Alphabet District. If all goes according to plan, the Q-19 pod, presumably slated for the corners of NW Quimby and 19th, will feature "free use of a newly remodeled heated and air conditioned dining room (where all food cart menus will be on display), full-time table busing, clean indoor restrooms, sports events on HD televisions, free Wi-Fi, piped-in music, a Juke Box, and an ATM machine."

And the lot owners are looking for only "the 8 very best food carts in Portland." Fancy. (Mad props to the eagle eyes at for spotting.)
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NW Quimby St & NW 19th Ave., Portland OR