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Martha Holmberg Leaving, Danielle Centoni in as MIX Editor

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Eater was aware that Martha Holmberg was leaving her post as Editor of The Oregonian's popular MIX Magazine. Now comes word from the Big O who will replace Holmberg. Just before the noon hour this is what the O had to say:

"Danielle Centoni will become The Oregonian's new editor of MIX magazine following founding editor Martha Holmberg's decision to leave the position after the publication of the February issue. Centoni, formerly of The Oregonian's FoodDay staff and currently senior editor of Imbibe magazine and a MIX contributor, will take over in 2011."

Holmberg, who was the founding editor of MIX and considered by many the major reason it was such a huge success, will continue in her new-ish role as editorial director of Watershed Communications.

When asked by Eater to make a comment about leaving the magazine she played such a huge role in, here's what Holmberg had to say: "It's always hard to leave something you love doing, but at heart, I'm a "what's next" kind of person—I thrive on new challenges, and I've got a plateful of new fun stuff to work on now. And Danielle is a great friend and really awesome so I have no worries about the magazine continuing to do well. It will be fun to read it as a reader now!"
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