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Going Vegan

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You can take the vegan out of Portland, but you can't take the Portland out of the carnivore. Wait. You can take the carnivore out of vegan, but you can't take the Portland out of the Oregonian. Wait. Let's start over. Grant Butler, a carnivore in Portland, is going to attempt to be vegan for thirty days. Reasons range from "It's a greener way to eat," to "Veganism is a fast-growing part of Portland's food culture," to "I'm fat!" So far, his Twitter (#goingvegan) has mentioned sandwiches made with Eugene-based Toby's tofu pate, and plans to make pasta with garlic, peas, and pine nuts today. ZOMG. And that's just the first of twenty-eight (nice pick on February for your month of veganism!) days. Over/under on Butler's just conceding all and living on Whiffies (vegan) pies and/or a surreptitious pastrami? Leave your speculations in the comments. [The Oregonian]