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No Bunk

Scoopczar Scooparina Karen Brooks reports the latest on Tommy Habetz and Nick Wood's Bunk Bar, slated to open in May, with word that they signed the lease just two days ago for a space on the corner of Southeast Water and Taylor, right across from Bruce Carey's Clarklewis. Habetz and Wood are bringing on a third sandwicher-bar-master, Matt Brown of Bladen County Records. The best news--for the industry hounds that force themselves out of bed before 3pm to make sure they get a Bunk--is that the new place is gonna be open until around 3am. All together now: ZOMG. [Willamette Week]

Bunk Sandwiches

621 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214

Bunk Bar

1028 SE Water Avenue, Portland, OR 97124 503 894 9708