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Ken Gordon on Pastrami, Blintzes, and Watergate

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Ken Gordon, the other owner of downtown pastrami etc joint Kenny & Zuke's, aka the one who isn't named Nick A. Zukin, spoke to Breakfast in Bridgetown about the history of the New York-y deli, his own history, and what a bialy is. Entire podcast is available, but a few highlights:

· "I used to work for $1.90 an hour."

· "The deli scene was the same before we opened Kenny & Zuke's."

· "Podnah's on Prescott is the best barbecue in town."

· "Food's not a competitive sport."

For more, listen up, and listen up for Zuke, this Friday at 1pm.
· Ken Gordon [Breakfast in Bridgetown]
Image of Ken Gordon courtesy Portland Plated