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Carlyle Closed, Facebook Notices

Last Sunday, otherwise known as the Best/Worst Day Ever, was also Bruce Goldberg's northwest restaurant Carlyle's last day. And as much as Goldberg's moving on to better and brighter projects, as he told Eater a few weeks ago, there are those who've been mourning the standby's end. Let's take a look around the intertubes, shall we?

First up, from clarklewis alum and current Tails & Trotters pork-raising butcher Morgan Brownlow:
And again:

And from Eater co-Mascot Nick A. Zukin comes this public mash note:

Anyone else? Love letters, Dear Johns, or a "hate to see you go but glad to watch you leave"? Chime in in the comments.
· Carlyle Owner Bruce Goldberg on Next Steps and Last Rites [EaterPDX]

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