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Bakery + Bunk Bars: One Location, Two Epic Wins

Yesterday, word hit that Bakery Bar, run by Jocelyn Barda and her husband Dan Stoops, had been approved for a liquor license for its 29th and NE Glisan outpost, just off that 28th Avenue corridor that also includes Alma, Ken's Artisan Pizza, Navarre, and Bamboo Sushi.

Word also hit that Tommy Habetz and Nick Wood's Bunk Bar would be opening up their long-awaited location on Water Avenue.

Word also, if you'll remember, was floating around some time ago that Bunk's new location would be what had been Bakery Bar's old location, and news is that's true. Let's correlate it all down. Bunk Sandwiches is taking over the Bakery Bar space after a March 2nd closing, turning it into Bunk Bar, while Bakery Bar will be focusing on their Glisan location. Which explains the license. Says Stoops:

The main reason we got it was to extend/build on what is becoming a really big breakfast/brunch, esp on the weekends. We've had the breakfast/brunch menu since Aug I think... We're really happy with how it's going and the outside tables and warmer weather will make it even better.
Initial cocktail menu includes relative standards like the eye-opener and a bloody mary, and Portland hilarity like the Spiked Morning Joe, a mix of Stumptown espresso, bourbon caramel, whipped cream, and more caramel. Because nothing says breakfast like Stumptown bourbon.
The sale of the SE Water Ave location is bittersweet for us to be sure. It has been a very special part of the SE Industrial neighborhood as a destination for great coffee, scones, and lunch. Our employees have been wonderful. We will always be grateful for their hard work. The set of regular customers we have are second to none. In general, we are very aware that everyone involved with the shop is going to feel a genuine sense of loss. We feel it too.

But the sale will allow us to focus on the NE Glisan store. It also gives us some much needed breathing room in our busy lives. Running two shops, especially in this economy, is/has been tough. It really does take a great deal of energy and we are thankful to get a break.

So, to all our SE Water Ave customers: a very big “Thank You”. We hope you visit us at the NE Glisan shop. We’re confident you’ll like it there too.

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