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March (Food Cart) Madness: Jeanne Subotnick's Drunken Waffles?

Wicked Waffles is a new cart that's just moved into the Refuel Station North pod at the corner of North Killingsworth and Greeley. Owned and operated by local chef Jeanne Subotnick (Shakers Cafe, County Cork Pub and You’ve Got It Made Catering) and her alleged "waffle prodigy" son, Matthew, the Double-W is scheduled to be open by March 3. Not only does it herald the return of Subotnick to the early shift—breakfast at Shakers (which is now Byways Cafe) was a must for any true Portlander in the 1990's—on St. Patrick's Day Wicked Waffles will have a one-day-only special: "two words: guiness (sic) waffle." Which only leads to one drunk-on-your-ass breakfast.

2730 North Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217