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Lisa Schroeder Takes On Carts, Trash

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Spotted on yesterday's PortlandFood message board, some drama brewing between Lisa Schroeder, chef at downtown's Mother's Bistro, (which has been doing a push to get the lunchtime business that usually goes to the 5th and Oak pods) and, even if in absentia, the carts. Schroeder's complaint:

I didn't mind the food carts until they parked their dumpster under my resto's logo, in a handicap spot, against the wall of my restaurant, with the lid consistently open, full of garbage & unrecycled recyclables overflowing daily. So unneighborly and inconsiderate.
which leads to first some criticism of the criticism:
Hope not. I don't want to have the opinion of her that I have of the purple octopus guy. She'd be wise to put a cork in it on this one, IMO. Food carts have turned into the cool underdog/ sacred cow sub-culture of Portland's food scene. I think she should take the matter up privately with those responsible and be careful what and how she disses.
And then some criticism of the criticism of the criticism.
She's got a legitimate complaint, IMO. What if the tables were turned? If Mother's put its dumpster in front of a food truck?

So. Is this gonna become a full-blown Mother's vs Carts Epic War of Epic Proportions? Or is everyone just gonna settle down? Developing....
· Mother's Bistro [PortlandFood]
Image of Mother's courtesy mmm-yoso!!!

212 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97204