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Bunk Bar Lease Signed At "Steak House Plus"

Image of Acropolis courtesy <a href="">Seattle Weekly</a>
Image of Acropolis courtesy Seattle Weekly

Continuing what is quickly becoming a series of Bunk Bar Freebies (TM), reproduced in full here a text exchange between a well-placed buzzer, and yours truly:

Well-Placed Buzzer: The lease for bunk bar was signed at acropolis.
Eater: The strip club with two-dollar steaks??
W-PB: They're $4.99
Add this to Bunk Sandwiches co-owner Tommy Habetz' rainbow-shaped bar and unicorn-for-Matt-Brown idea, and the Big Picture is starting to come together. If by Big Picture we're talking black velvet painting, except in Kodachrome, with texture. And a whole bunch of flair.
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Bunk Sandwiches

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Bunk Bar

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1028 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214