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Machado Takes Over Own Nel Centro Kitchen

Downtown restaurant Nel Centro, sordidly remembered by Eater Mascot Patrick Alan Coleman, and sort of vaguely liked, enough, here and there, mostly for lunch, by the Oregonian, and recommended, with caveats, by the Willamette Week, is shaking things up. As Scoopmaster Scooperson Karen Brooks report, owner David Machado--who also owns southeast's Lauro Kitchen and Vindalho, which is, just to add a little more cluster to the [redacted], where new Genoa chef David Anderson used to cook--just let chef Paul Hyman go, and will be stepping into the kitchen himself. As in, to cook. Not to worry about Hyman; he'll be heading to southeast Hawthorne's Belly Timber to replace David Siegel, who once put bacon in vanilla pudding. Got it? And... exhale.
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Nel Centro

1408 Southwest 6th Avenue, , OR 97201 (503) 484-1099 Visit Website

1408 SW 6th Ave, Portland OR 97201