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Cine-Eats: Movie Themed Divina Opens in Outer NoPo-land.

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Divina is billed as "the heavenly place to be." Truth is, this just opened eatery—located at the extreme edge of North Portland's Kenton District—is a helluva long way from downtown. Divina is owned and operated by John Albert (pictured above), the 'stached gent behind the PDX-based indie production company Eclipse Entertainment and such films as "Eviction Notice" (Eater's never heard of it either). That might explain Divina's movie-poster-decorated walls including an image of Marlon Brando stroking a pussycat in "The Godfather." Although the menu veers toward pub grub with sausage, wings, and a "pickle on a stick" it's under the events calendar where this darkly-lit joint gets interesting. Beyond game and (of course) movie nights, Divina is itching to offer its guests their "V.I.P. Treatment." That would be "V.I.P. Treatment." In North Portland. At the edge of nowhere. Hmmm.

2135 N Willis Blvd, Portland, OR 97217