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Tails & Trotters Won't Be Trotting To Saturday's Market

Via Facebook aka Best News Source Ever, the word that Morgan Brownlow's Tails & Trotters, which held fast at last season's Eastbank market, won't be making it to the Saturday PSU spot downtown. Brownlow's generally considered one of the city's most badass chefs, having done time in the kitchens of Clarklewis--where he was a partner back in the Naomi Pomeroy/Michael Hebb days--and Oakland's Oliveto, not to mention some Onepot shiz up in Seattle with a post-Pomeroy Hebb, and Tails & Trotters has been his latest porky experiment, centered mostly around the fact that these pigs eat a bunch of Northwest hazelnuts for the last sixty to ninety days of their pre-"processing" lives. Given that Brownlow's pork has been showing up on menus from Beard nominee Cathy Whims' Nostrana to Beard nominee Naomi Pomeroy's Beast to Portland Monthly Best Restaurants list-maker Park Kitchen, it's clear that the company's been doing something right vis a vis pigs. So - either it wasn't enough, or there's more to the story. Whimsy over in the Portland Farmers Market offices? Or something much more intriguing? Developing....
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