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Sugar Cube Returning March 3rd

Image of The Sugar Cube courtesy <a href="">Liz Crain</a>
Image of The Sugar Cube courtesy Liz Crain

A little more than a month after announcing she'd be closing her Mississippi Marketplace cart, The Sugar Cube, Kir Jensen has announced that she'll be re-opening. In, count 'em, eight short days. Jensen first ran The Sugar Cube at the downtown pods, where office workers thronged to her liquor-soaked Amy Winehouse cupcake, but it's her other desserts--coffee panna cotta, a ganache-filled brownie topped with olive oil and fleur de sel--that make her really jazzed to, generally and when the weather is awesome, "bake in a freakin' cart." It's when the weather is not awesome that said baking in a freakin' cart turns rough, particularly with issues of freezing pipes, butter softening, and etc. More on the prodigal re-opening as it happens, but in the meantime, let's all just count down 'til a sugar bump.
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The Sugar Cube

4250 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR