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Goat, Gotten

Eater Co-Mascot Nick A. Zukin went to last night's long-anticipated Metrovino Goat Dinner, cooked by home court chef Gregory Denton and visiting pinch hitter (and Beard nominee Gabe Rucker of Le Pigeon, and took a bunch of porny pictures. Overall, Zukin was totally impressed and is generally arguing for people not to treat Lovejoy as if it were protected by "a moat filled with alligators or something, given Portlanders’ unwillingness to consider the second half of the alphabet truly part of the Pearl." i.e. "Just because it’s on the other side of the tracks, doesn’t mean it’s the other side of the tracks." Hits were a frisee with shredded goat, and the goat charcuterie board (with, yes, goat tartare). Miss was a baklava-wrapped goat, which seems reasonable. Most badass was the goat heart confit. [ExtraMSG]


1139 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209