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Oregonian Laying Off 37 Employees

Local newspaper The Oregonian has announced that they'll be laying off 37 members of their staff, the majority in the newsroom. Specifics haven't come through yet, but it's likely that at least some of those laid off will be part of the FOODday or Dining section staff, who include luminaries like Eater Co-Co Mascot Karen DeScoopi Scooparina Brooks and newly vegan Grant Butler. The fate of freelance contributors, like Michael C. Zusman, is probably tied to this, but really there's just no idea, yet. It's possible Martha Holmberg, former FOODday editor and currently ensconced as editorial director of PR powerhouse firm Watershed Communications, had more in common with a canary than initially thought, but it's also possible that her leaving last month was just fortuitous timing.

Either way, there's nothing fortuitous about any of this, and it bodes for some serious suckage. Email if you know more.
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