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A Spin Through Portland Monthly's Food Lovers' Guide

Image of Sahagun courtesy <a href="">Liz Crain</a>
Image of Sahagun courtesy Liz Crain

Since the raging massive-copy-selling ultimate beyond-wild crazytown success of their Best Restaurants issue (full disclosure: this editor was involved) last fall, Portland Monthly hasn't come out with another food-focused issue, until now. The latest cover package is the Food Lovers' Guide, which, as editor Randy Gragg says, offers "55 tasty destinations for the culinary adventurer in you." True to form, the former architecture critic for the Oregonian starts off wide zoom:

Portland often gets pegged as the least ethnically diverse major city in America. But statistics tell only one story.

As anyone who’s passionate about food knows, the Rose City offers a rich panoply of international cuisines and cultures. All it takes to find them is curiosity, openness, and a willingness to visit parts of the region not traditionally known as culinary destinations.

With that, writers Mike Thelin, Martin Patail, Kaitlyn Evans, and Eva Hagberg (ZOMG) hit up everywhere from Beaverton to Hillsdale to 82nd to downtown, looking for the best olive oils, chocolates, halal grocers, morels, cooking gear, cooking classes, knife sharpeners, and wild-caught salmon. There's a short history of baking, a feature on local meat, a highly-reported story full of farmers market numbers, and Naomi Pomeroy's until-now-secret off-the-clock dinner. Leave your thoughts, agreements, and rampant disagreements in the comments.
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