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Pupusa Pride

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It continues to be Nick A. Zukin week over here as the Kenny & Zuke's owner "suckered," as he put it, the Willamette Week into paying for a story on Portland's pre-eminent pupusas. Most of them aren't within city limits, but a few--Ma Tona's on SE Foster and El Palenque on SE 17th--are, and the rest--Los Chapines, La Guanaquita, Gloria's Secret Cafe, and more--are all within easy driving/MAXing distance in either Hillsboro or Beaverton. And then there's Autenticas, which shows up at the Oregon Flea way out on Southeast Stark and 183rd. Bonus points for the endgame glossary and the beginning-game waitress-wink. [Willamette Week]