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Best/Worst Day Ever Options, Round 2: Saucebox and Serratto

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While most will recognize February 14th as northwest restaurant Carlyle's last day of service before owner Bruce Goldberg wanders off to other projects and Jake Martin wanders over to Fenouil, a few will recognize it as the best/worst day ever. Yes. As it is every year, it will be Valentine's Day. With that, Eater's interested in rounding up a few options. Yesterday was all about Jamie Dunn's pun-tasticity at Gilt Club and Biwa's polyverse. Today, we're checking in with the liquid side of dinner.

Image of Gregory Gourdet courtesy Portland Plated

Northwest/Nob Hill standby Serratto is pushing their no-frills no-worries a la carte Valentine's menu. Why so chill? "They have an abundance of regulars, and a bartender of 27 years (Kurt Fritzler) who remembers not only your favorite drink, but what you ate the last time you were in and the names of your children," a tipster says. Reading between the lines: children + Valentine's Day = get your favorite drink.

Meanwhile, downtown BruceCareyWorld mainstay Saucebox, helmed by the dashing (literally - he runs marathons) Gregory Gourdet, above, will be offering a schizandra-based cocktail called the Royal Fire. What is schizandra? Saucebox's word is that it's a "powerful Chinese herb that will make your Valentine's evening everything it should be." The internet word is that it's an "adaptogenic," meaning it "has a normalizing action irrespective of the direction of the pathological state." Um. Genie in a bottle say what? Normalizing irrespective of pathology? Yes please, and more double please.
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