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Savor Portland Launches, Talks Poutine, The New Bacon

Savor Portland is alive! A new radio show, hosted by non-food professional but total food enthusiast Devlyn Swenson--she says "I make my own bacon" with the same casualness most of the universe might say "I pour my own cereal"--found its way to the internet today, catching up from Tuesday's inaugural airing. Swenson talks to Heather from Mile73 and Dave from Dave Knows about the epic poutine fandom that led to the launch of their shared site, Portland Poutine (which has the best "We Have Much to Learn from Canada" tagline, ever), the "ironic food movement," and the plausible next bacon (one word: anchovies). Slammin'.
· Savor Portland [Official Site]
· Portland Poutine [Official Site]