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"Drugs Sandwiches"=Is Lovejoy Market Trippin'?

Welcome to Unfortunate Signage, a semi-regular feature in which Eater documents some mistakes, mishaps, and just plain ol' wackytacky signs. Seen one that's blowing your mind? Share the fortune.

When operatives saw the signage above posted in the window of Lovejoy Market, a Northwest Portland Greek deli that's supposed to sell one of the best tuna sammies in town, they couldn't help but giggle...and then think about how exactly one might order a "drugs sandwiches." If you asked for a Xanax on Rye, would they go light on the Paxil? Inquiring minds (with a sudden attack of the munchies) would like to know.

1025 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97210