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McMenamins Is Crazy (In) Love For Storm Large Suds

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(Storm Large performing with Oracle at Dante's Thursday night) []
Should it come as any surprise Storm Large, "the unofficial First Lady" of Portland, would have a adult beverage named after her? After all, the dude who dubbed her with that title, Mayor Sam Adams, already has a beer named after him. Yes, the good folks at the McMenamins suds-eteria are rolling out a very limited release of Crazy Love-Belgian Blonde Ale inspired by none other than Portland's own goddess of rock and roll. McMenamin's Jimi Biron says it's all part of "Zwickelmania", a statewide brewery-tour event. "We only have a handful of kegs and it won't be everywhere," says Biron. "The safest bet is at the Crystal starting the 13th. And we are going to allow it to be poured during her (Oregon Symphony) "Crazy Love" show at the Schnitz." According to Large, this isn't the first time she's inspired a keg or two. Last year, says Storm, McMenamins released a hopped-up brew called "Crazy Enough." Guess someone was already using the word "Rockstar."

332 W. Burnside Portland, OR 97209