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A Pie In the Eye: Pizza Depokos Opening Weekend "Accident"

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Eater’s heard of metal-heads, but this is just plain ridiculous. Last Friday, a mere 24 hours after he started sliding the first slices of pie out of his wood oven, Ethan Welt, the owner of Pizza Depokos—the one non-wheeled space in the new Refuel Station North (update: eight carts will be up and running by the end of March)— had to close up his shop. Seems there was a little “accident.” The former ironworker (who alongside his wife, Ferris, also own the wonderfully smutty Smut off 28th and East Burnside) was grinding on a piece of grout when a sharp shard of metal flew off and lodged itself in his eye. By evening's end Walt was at the E.R. having an ophthalmologist pluck and prod him. Thankfully, he was back on the job Monday morn, wearing safety glasses and serving up his smokey-flavored Neapolitan as well as Lebanese pies called “Mannish Pizza’s.” Mannish, indeed.
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