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Calling All First-Timers...

The Food Network just sent in this casting call for an upcoming show called The Opener. Basic premise? First-time restaurant owners who are totally overwhelmed, freaked out, and very possibly overdrawn on their bank accounts, on the teevee! Sounds kind of perfect for Portland what with all the different styles, possibilities, and likelihoods for food here. Imagine the potential tension between (and these are all, nb, INVENTED) Clyde Common chef de cuisine Chris DiMinno opening up a solo reuben shop and cart baker Kir Jensen going full-fledged restaurant! Consider the drama of Naomi Pomeroy's current sous chef Mika Paredes starting a vegan raw food place in the backyard of Beast, or Saucebox's Gregory Gourdet following his (again, INVENTED) dream of a Chicago-style hot doggery. The possibilities are endless. The mind is boggled. Let's get back to earth via the official casting call:

Are you about to open your first restaurant? Are you overwhelmed? Overworked? Overdrawn? If so, the Food Network wants you for The Opener.

In this new documentary series Iron Chef and star of Restaurant Makeover, Chef David Adjey helps first-time restaurateurs open their dream restaurant – often with their life’s savings on the line. Dave is a rock star in the restaurant world – untamed, smart and North America’s most sought-after consultant. He’s both an artist and a bottom-line guy and knows that food must be delicious and profitable.
Whether you’re planning to serve Global Fusion Cuisine or gluten-free burgers, nouvelle pub grub or corn-themed desserts, he’ll help clarify your vision and identify problems. With the clock ticking towards opening night it won’t be easy, but for Dave, that’s the fun of it.

We’re looking for variety and creativity–in each episode our resto rookies are utterly different from one another, and so are their dreams. David commits himself to doing whatever it takes to get the doors open, and the business spun for success?..

If you’re a first-time restaurateur opening your place between now and December 2010, contact us at theopener @ or 416-324-8537 ext. 331 or 324.

And now, commence editorial fighting over whether the gimmick's gonna be a cook-your-own-asparagus menu or a dinner-for-breakfast kinda thing.

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