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Kristen D. Murray Hearts Kir Jensen

Image of Kristen D. Murray courtesy <a href="">The Portland Pickle</a>
Image of Kristen D. Murray courtesy The Portland Pickle

Given that certain operatives were there at the very first face-to-face meeting between brand-new Fenouil pastry chef Kristen D. Murray (whose menu is off the hook, btdubs) and just-returned Sugar Cube owner Kir Jensen, it's nothing but heartwarming to note this little shout-out deep in the Cheap Eats guide. Asked to pick her favorite cheap eats, Murray mentions Kir Wine Bar (points for pattern recognition?), Broder, and then says "Well, the best dessert cart is the Sugar Cube. I love what [owner Kir Jensen] does there." All together now: awwwwww.
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