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Bunk's Ricotta and Mozzarella-Including Sandwich Vegan, According to the Week

The first mistake in Willamette Week's Cheap Eats issue has just been uncovered, by a helpful tipster who writes:

I wrote about a million of these back in the day, so maybe I should cut them a little slack, but the Bunk entry is particularly clueless. There's no "vegan" sandwich on the chalkboard, and if there was, it probably wouldn't include ricotta and mozzarella.
Taking a look at the offending sentence--"The vegan sandwich ($8), made with olive oil-soaked cauliflower, ricotta, mozzarella and hot peppers, melts on the tongue"--and yeah, wow, that's at least two-times not-vegan. As in, totally bunk. (Har.) Spot anything else in today's issue worth nit-picking? Let slip.
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Image of Bunk Sandwiches courtesy Shawn Khoury

Bunk Sandwiches

621 SE Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214

621 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

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