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Free Caffe Vita Coffee For the Next Five Hours

Image of p:ear barista school courtesy <a href="">The Oregonian</a>
Image of p:ear barista school courtesy The Oregonian

Seattle-based Caffe Vita, which has been promising to open up outposts here (including a counter at the epically delayed Violetta) for what seems like forever, is behind the p:ear barista school, a program that provides eight-week training in "the art and science of coffee preparation" to homeless youth. Today, p:ear is giving away free coffee between 9am and 2pm. Why?

Free coffee day at p:ear is a chance for the barista school students to hone their skills in a realistic café environment as well as a chance for the Portland community to support the recently launched p:ear barista school. Each student will work a shift as barista throughout the day, the drinks are free, but we will have a huge tip jar for the students.
Community outreach + coffee + huge tip jars = the ability to feel both caffeinated and good.

What: coffee
Where: p:ear barista school, 338 NW 6th Ave
When: 9am-2pm
Cost: Free
·Solid Grounds [Portland Monthly]
·p:ear [Official Site]
·Caffe Vita [Official Site]

338 NW 6th Ave, Portland OR 97209