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Portland Indie Wine Judges Judging, This Very Second!

The Portland Indie Wine Festival wine judges, revealed a week or so ago, are about to start their tasting at downtown's Hotel Vintage Plaza, today! Considering it's about 9:45am, seems like a good time as any to start drinking, at least maybe if your name is Naomi Pomeroy, right, or Cathy Whims, both local chefs who are rounding out the judges who also include wine writer Ted Loos and New Seasons' wine buyer Toni Ketrenos. Some skepticism as to Pomeroy's suitability as a taster--i.e. "hope she brings along the palate of [wine consultant] David Rounds", oh SNAP!-- made the last round of comments, but the tipline is always thirsty for more well-rounded and complex fighting varietals. Indiewinefest will be twittering the day away (judges are currently "participating in a typicity panel to calibrate their palates"), and so can you. Developing...
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422 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205