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St. Patrick's Day Options for the Wannabe Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'all. If you did the Shamrock Run on Sunday, you're probably still hungry. If you didn't, you can pretend. And so, herewith, a cursory (and improvable upon, send word!) list of holiday-appropriate options.

Concordia Ale House on NE Killingsworth is running a few dinner specials: an Irish Stew, a Beer Braised Corn Beef [sic] Brisket, and the brilliantly-named Dublin Coddle.

Next door, Micah Camden's Fats isn't doing anything particularly special, per se, but with a happy hour menu that includes potted salmon and toads n' the hole [sic, again, wtf menu writers of today!?), and a cornish pastie, it's pretty generally culinarily appropriate.

Harborside restaurant McCormick and Schmick's is arguing that "It's lucky to... kiss a stranger" with cocktails like the Leprechaun Kiss and dishes like corned beef sliders, Guinness-steamed shrimp, and lamb stew. Because nothing says mouth wrestle like corned beef and cabbage.

Laughing Planet is--according to a tipster who almost tried it--offering the Irish Burrito, a special that involves corned beef and a stout salsa and possibly mashed potatoes?

Paddy's, all the way near the water on SW Yamhill, is closing down the street between 11am--when they open for lunch--and 2am--when they kick your drunk ass out.

Hope, meanwhile, springs eternal that Clyde Common will announce a corned beef tagliarini, Pok Pok will introduce mustard greens-wrapped corned beef collar, and that Gregory Gourdet will replace Saucebox's chicken wings with a little boiled cabbage.
Image of Concordia Ale House courtesy Portland Hamburgers

3726 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211