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Oregonian Dining Guide a Go

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Whispered word comes through the transom that the Oregonian, which recently laid off thirty-seven members of its staff including dining editor Karen Brooks, and which was speculated on Monday to be skipping this year's Diner section (which Brooks brought to the table), will, in fact, be publishing the annual dining and restaurant guide on June 25th. This is where the paper names the Restaurant of the Year--Navarre, last year--and the Rising Star--Ping, last year--and the Chef to Watch--Oswaldo Bibiano of Autentica, last year. As a well-placed tipster informs: "Looks like ad sales begin soon, and the Oregonian DINER will publish June 25th. No truth to Byron's gossip." Ohhhh snap. No word on who'll be running the show but a few names--Sara Perry, Michael C. Zusman, Grant Butler, Roger Porter--are plausible/likely to be involved. You know we'll be watching this one like a hawk. Catch a mouse? Cough.
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