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Cafe Nell Launches Prix Fixe Menu, KOifusion Opening Downtown

NORTHWEST -- Cafe Nell, northwest neighborhood restaurant run by short shorts-wearer Andrew Garrett, just announced their '4 to six fix," starting today. A three-course menu for $14, this is not a happy hour. Repeat, not a happy hour, but rather a full-on substantial dinner. That you can have at 4pm. Menu items include tagliatelle pasta with house made lamb meatballs and red sauce, whole pan-fried tilapia with french fries and coleslaw and a classic coq au vin. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to "early bird."

DOWNTOWN -- After speculation first posted here as to the possible introduction of roving taco track KOifusion to the former Studio 1 space comes tweeted word, via Food Dude, that Bo and the gang are in fact opening up a restaurant, which is either a double-confirmation or everyone's still in the kimchee-riffic dark.

1987 NW Kearney, Portland OR 97209