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Portland's Top Takeout

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As part of Portland Monthly's Food Lovers' Guide, its intrepid reporters, Mike "Dearly Departed" Thelin and Eva "Shamelessly Solipsistic" Hagberg asked a bunch of local stars to run through their favorite takeout places. Far more servicey than the restaurant guide, and way more helpful than lists of bakeries that tend to be far apart from one another and besides, how many scones can a person eat in a day, the feature brings a little bit of east coast get-anything-anytime flair to the west. Of the ten respondents, two picked big chains--KGW reporter Drew Carney went for Chipotle while Trail Blazers forward Dante Cunningham went for sweet, sweet P.F. Changs--and two three picked medium chains--cookbook author Janie Hibler went for Bellagio's Pizza and powerhouse publicist Bette Sinclair for Zupan's UPDATE: and Naomi Pomeroy went for New Seasons' rotisserie chicken. Others namechecked include Thien Hong on NE Sandy, northeast Ethiopian restaurant Dalo's, and Dove Vivi on NE Glisan, just off the 28th Ave corridor that DV devotee Sarah Hart calls Alma's home.
·Order Up! [Portland Monthly]

Dove Vivi

2727 Northeast Glisan Street, , OR 97232 (503) 239-4444 Visit Website