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Mobile Chowdown III: Twelve on Four?

Seattle and Suzuki + Chou Communimedia are hosting the Mobile Chowdown, Round III, next Saturday in Seattle. As the organizers say, it's "Seattle vs. Portland showdown!" ZOMG. "It's them against your appetite. Bring it, they'll feed it." Seattle carts include Dante's Inferno Dogs and Anita's Crepes, also a little single-owner truck called... Chipotle (?!), which is matched by Portland's showing of the well-known cart, um, Burgerville (!?) Also representing Portland will be Hawthorne fried pie cart Whiffies (glorious as ever), their neighbor and bestie Potato Champion, and roving Oregon/Korean taco truck KOifusion. Being in the 40th percentile for math, general inclination is to stay out of this fray, but twelve vs four seems like a bit of an imbalance, no? So: anyone know of anyone else who's either going, or should go? Tip, and commentatorize.
· Mobile Chowdown - Round III [Seattle]

Whiffies Fried Pies

1200 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214 503 946 6544 Visit Website

Potato Champion

1207 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, , OR 97214 Visit Website