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Kir Jensen's Cupcake Wars Audition Video, Revealed!

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Kir Jensen of the Sugarcube auditions for Cupcake Wars from Karl Lind/In The Can Productions on Vimeo.

Baker Kir Jensen, Sugar Cube owner who's reopening her Mississippi Marketplace cart tomorrow (stay tuned for a little more insight), just auditioned for the Food Network's show, Cupcake Wars. By pretending to do lines off of her Amy Winehouse cupcake. And having her nose covered in sugar. And showing her tattoos. And pointing out that, actually, she's perfect for Cupcake Wars because she bakes in a cart which is tiny so no 20-gallon mixer, no fancypants jazz, no nothing except her energy, her humor, and, as she says, her being a "little bit spastic." Godspeed.
· Kir Jensen of the Sugar Cube Auditions for Cupcake Wars [Vimeo]
UPDATE: Appears the video's been taken down. By Kir? By Vimeo? Have word? Send word!

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