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Blue Olive Takes Over "Cursed" NW Corner

An intrepid Eater reader has pointed out that Blue Olive Mediterranean Restaurant will take the space that once was inhabited by Virgo & Pisces (it closed earlier this year). Does Blue Olive have what it takes to make this place a must? Early reviews of its Fremont garden of eatery included warm write-ups in Willamette Week as well as the Portland Mercury, but not much ink has been spilled about this Greek joint since the mid-00's. That's likely to change due to the fact that their new NW 21st venue once was home to a very big hit: the legendary game-changer Zefiro which, this fall, will celebrate its 20th anniversary since opening (it closed in 2000). It was also home to huge misses including Ira's, Basilico's as well as Virgo and Pisces (left). Maybe the fourth time will be the charm for what many local foodies have come to consider, since Zefiro left, a cursed corner.

500 NW 21st Ave. Portland, OR 97209