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Grant Butler Goes Vegan, Gets A New Column

Oregonian arts writer Grant Butler's self-described "journalistic stunt" as a month-long-only vegan was supposed to end earlier this March. But something strange happened. He liked it. In fact, he's enjoyed being a vegan so much he's decided to stick with his new habit. Sharing his experience with FOODday readers via his "Going Vegan" project (sounds like a catchy book title doesn't it?), Butler's sojourn has proved more personal than professional leading him to not only lose weight but sleep better. This from a man who once could topple a tower of foie gras faster than one could say: "put it on The Oregonian's expense account." This new life has led Butler to a new twice-monthly FOODday column called "The Plant-Based Plate" (it debuts in April). According to Butler, "it will feature recipes focused on the veggie world, profiles of the taste makers of Portland's growing vegan dining scene and whatever personal insights I gain as I explore a new way of eating." It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out, as given the recent departure of dining editor Karen Brooks, Butler is likely to play a major role in the next edition of Diner. Developing, as is the seitan...
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