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Lincoln's Jenn Louis Gets Gefilte on NPR's Weekend Edition

Image of Jenn Louis courtesy <a href="link">Alexis Achten</a>
Image of Jenn Louis courtesy Alexis Achten

Lincoln chef Jenn Louis shared her recipe for one of the most inedible dishes of all time—gefilte fish—with a national audience this weekend via NPR's Weekend Edition. Based on a recipe handed down through four generations of an Oregon Jewish family, Chef Jenn has messed with the ingredients to make this Passover staple a bit more palatable: "I like a little more updated version, with some lemon zest, which kind of gives a brighter flavor, [and] some fennel frond. And then I use a court bouillon, which is an acidic poaching liquid, with white wine, fennel seed, peppercorn ..."According to the story, "Louis doesn't have qualms about tinkering with many people's traditional idea of gefilte fish." Now if she could do something about Aunt Tilly's Matzo Ball soup.
·Getting Creative With A Passover Staple: Gefilte Fish[NPR Official Site]

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