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Firefighting Chef Tom Hurley To Cook at In Good Taste

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Want to cook with chef Tom Hurley? Here's your chance. 12 seats, at $125 a pop, are still available for "Cooking with Tom Hurley: A Demonstration Class and Dinner" to be held at In Good Taste on April 24. Says IGT, "This is not a class in which you’ll slavishly follow a recipe; rather, Tom will teach the steps to help you create memorable dishes at home...You always leave Tom’s classes loaded with tips and techniques to better your own cooking." And perhaps, after the demo, he can show you how to take on the city. This is the same chef that (almost) had Commish Nick Fish and fellow Commish Randy Leonard in an all-out brawl after the council decided the city would not pay the former firefighter $100,000 in disability. He is also the same dude that said he closed his Portland restaurant due to anti-foie gras protesters. Interestingly enough, his In Good Taste dinner will include at least one foie gras infused course. Classy.
·Former Portland Chef Tom Hurley Denied 100K[Eater PDX]

Image of Tom Hurley courtesy In Good Taste

231 NW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97209